The Principles of Product Development Flow

The dominant paradigm for managing product development is wrong; not just a little wrong, but wrong to its very core. Stagnant piles of idle work lengthen cycle time, delay vital feedback and destroy process efficiency. Yet today, these queues remain unmanaged. This landmark book defines a new approach, one based on solid economics and real science. It focuses on controlling the invisible and unmeasured queues that undermine all aspects of product development performance. This is the first book that comprehensively describes the underlying principles that create flow in product development processes, principles that have produced 5 to 10 times improvements, even in mature processes. It combines a detailed explanation of the real science behind flow and a rich set of practical methods. Its 175 underlying principles are organized into eight major areas. It begins where other books on product development end, and is guaranteed to change the way you think about product development.