Epics, Features, Stories


For splitting objective and goals into smaller increments or iterations, we use Epics, Features and Stories. The following is a short summary/interpretation of articles on Epic, Feature, Story in SAFe.

Epics are the large initiatives like a new idea for a product or module or service, something that is usually way bigger than a sprint. It typically requires approval using a (lean) business case as the impact is big (financial, resourcing, planning, etc.). To validate the business case, an MPV (Minimal Viable Product) is build.

Features are large increments/iterations that add/improve functionality or non-functional aspects like capacity, noise, etc. The usually span more than a sprint, but less than a few months (in SAFe terms, should fit the Program Increment).

Stories are the smallest increments/iterations that (easily) fit a sprint.

All Epics, Features and Stories come in basically 2 flavours: They can add functionality, reduce risk, improvement, etc.

Epic template


Feature template

Story template